What's Your Type: Aquí's Top Favourites

April 30, 2020

If you have been following us on our Instagram, you would know that we have recently introduced different typefaces as part of the What’s Your Type series. We personified each of the typefaces and had you - our friends - to determine “What’s Your Type”. A fundamental part of every branding design process, “Type is Branding,” Elizabeth Carey Smith says it best. And that is what we wanted to highlight through this series. We hope you had as much fun as we had visualising the personality of Tilda, Futura, Comic Sans and Grumpy.

Since you have told us about your type, it is time we told you about ours:

1. Josefin Slab used for Fennel Café

The sibling born after Josefin Sans, Josefin Slab is a slab serif typeface designed by Santiago Orozco. Its typewriter style attributes and geometric characteristics makes you feel a sense of class and elegance. What adds to the playfulness of it is the slanted “e” - one of the distinct little quirks of the Josefin family.

We love the look that we created for Fennel Café with Josefin Slab as it complements the personality and vibe that brand exude.

2. Baufra used for Sequential Skin

Baufra is a humanist sans-serif typeface. With its geometric features, Baufra appears neat and balanced. Humanist typefaces are known for its soft and legible appearance, something that was important for Sequential Skin’s brand.

We love how the typeface brought out the full potential of Sequential Skin’s geometric symbol with its clean curves and even strokes. Baufra is the middle ground between modern and contemporary, perfect for a brand that strives to find a balance between looking professional and commercial.

3. Larish Neue used for Milestone

Larish Neue is a serif typeface designed by Radim Peško based of the Larish Alte typeface. The Neue is said to be a contemporary design of the Alte. Inspired by early twentieth century prints, the Larish Neue is a stylish take on the serif typefaces. With strokes that are not too flamboyant, the typeface is given the right amount of character - the kind that does not intimidate.

We love it for its friendly and approachable disposition, as well as its ability to retain a level of professionalism. And that was what Milestone wanted to be - a brand that makes people feel comfortable and and at ease.

4. TS Ornitons used for FF18

TS Ornitons is a sans serif typeface that packs a punch. With visual attributes that resembles the lightning, TS Ornitons reminds you of a race. It fills you up with energy and gets you pumped.

FF18 was an event that needed to feel bold and grand, but also relevant to today’s world. We love how TS Ornitons ignites a fighting spirit and makes you feel a rush, one that makes you think about speed and movement.


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